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Renewed Life for Greyhounds is now affiliated with Allies for Greyhounds

September 15, 2013

Renewed Life for Greyhounds is now affiliated with Allies for Greyhounds (http://www.afgwm.org) to find forever homes for retired racing greyhounds through support, fund raising, education, and adoption. Please join in AfG's fundraising events, meet and greets, yahoo group, helping at their kennel, etc. all of which are listed on their web site (www.afgwm.org) to help more greyhounds find their forever homes!

Thank you for fall fundraisers

Many thanks to all our volunteers and friends of Renewed Life for Greyhounds.
Our fall fundraisers were a huge success thanks to all of you!!
The bulb sale and Koezee nut sales brought in more funds to continue our mission of helping Retired Racers.
The bake sale topped last years sales and brought in so many unique items!! I have never come across such dedicated and talented bakers than the volunteers of RLFG.....we appreciate you all so much!!
Wishing all of you the best for 2012!!!

Fall 2011 newsletter

The Fall 2011 Newsletter has just been posted to the newsletter section.

Attention Bakers

Renewed Life for Greyhounds will hold our annual bake sale Saturday November 19th Location is Hudsonville high school Hudsonville Mi. - Booth # 98. From 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. Set up starts at 7: 0 A.M.
Baked goods can be dropped off at the school in ready to sell packaging
Or contact us at www.renewedlife.org to arrange to drop off your goodies to a board member prior to the 19th.

Shades of Grey Reunion Picnic 2011

After much thought and consideration, the Board of Directors for Renewed Life for Greyhounds has decided the Shades of Grey Reunion picnic will not be held this year. The Shades reunion has always been a greyt way for greyhound lovers to see old friends and meet new. However, over the last couple of years attendance for the event has gradually declined. And all the work that must take place to put on the picnic relies solely on volunteers. It was decided this year to concentrate on other fundraising activities.

We want to thank all that have participated in the Shades Reunion in the past and invite you to watch the website for future activities, some of which include the dogs.

The Villages Greyhound Club

Here in The Villages we hold monthly 'Walk Abouts' at our Town Squares to raise funds for Greyhound Adoptions of Florida and also to introduce greyhounds to people who might not be aware of how wonderful our hounds are and what great pets they make. Priscilla, John and Marge Curtis' Shiloh Shepherd ( a rare breed, bred for their disposition) is wearing a vest that says "Greyhound Security". She can be around 30 Greyhounds and not bat an eyelash... but let any other type of dog come near the group and she lets out a deep bark to warn them away. So funny... the people love it... they laugh and give us more $$...!! The Greyts are wearing their Villages Greyhound Club coats and donation coats. Sami is almost 11 1/2 and is happy and healthy. We thank you for providing us with a fantastic companion...

Dee, Joe and Sami Janette

Renewed Life for Greyhounds would like to thank the following sponsors and contributors to Shades of Grey 2010.

This event would not be possible without your help. Thank you for helping us help greyhounds!!

Alexa Urquhart
Amy Cook
Amy Guarr
Ann-Marie Mitchell
Beth Allen, Artist
Cathy & Roger Norris
Chowhound of Grand Rapids
Cindy and Walt McCrory
Coca Cola North America
Cynde Dayne
Deb and Gary Myers
Eddie Briggs
Fast Jack Sportswear Co. www.fastjack.com
Frank Sisson, DJ services of South Haven, MI
Greyhound Gang www.greyhoundgang.org
Greytwear www.greytwear.com
Houndtime www.houndtime.com
ITT Art Club
Jack and Marybeth Tabler in memory of Lil' Jane and Gunner
Katie Ronis
Kim Mondry
K9's-R-Us Doggy Care L.L.C. www.k9srusdoggycare.com
Mel Donovan
Midwest Greyhound Adoption www.midwestgreyhound.org
Mike and Todd Leonard-Knight in memory of Boss and Janny
Pam Paul
Paula Corlett
Peter Rengel of ITT Art Club
RJR photography www.photographybyrjr.com
Rock Your Pets www.rockyourpets.com
Scott and Kim Sommer in memory of Ezra, Albert, Tee-Time and Jack
Shamrock Greyhound Adoption www.greyhoundsofshamrock.org
Shelly Herp
Sonya and Mark Tangen
Steve and Lynda Hegg
Voyagers Jewelry Design www.voyagersjewelrydesign.com

Please contact staff@renewedlife.com if you or someone you know would be interested in donating to next year's Shades of Grey.

Newsletter uploaded to our newsletter section

We have uploaded an online version of our newsletter to the newsletter section of our website. Look over at the left column and go down to Newsletter to find the Spring 2010 Edition

Van Andel Research Institute Launches New Canine Cancer Studies!

The Van Andel Research Institute, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is pleased to share that we have received a "Grand Opportunities" (GO grant) from the National Institutes of Health. This is enabling the Institute to expand its canine cancer studies, which started with a project investigating hemangiosarcoma in Clumber spaniels 18 months ago, into a much broader research program. We are launching a new center of excellence in canine genetics and genomics. The first and most important program is the Canine Hereditary Cancer Consortium (CHCC ), which is headed by Drs. Jeff Trent (TGen), Nick Duesbery (Van Andel Research Institute), and Paul Meltzer (National Cancer Institute/NIH). The program is an unprecedented alliance of scientists, veterinarians and physicians. Drs. Duesbery and Froman are intensely focused on recruiting canine cancer patients for the study through a variety of clinical outreach programs. Samples from canine patients will not only allow the researchers to identify genes responsible for breed-specific susceptibilities (such as hemangiosarcoma in Clumber spaniels and osteosarcoma in Greyhounds), but also to translate these discoveries into new and more precise diagnostics and therapeutics for both canine and human cancer patients. The ultimate goal is to take personalized medicine for dogs to unscaled heights!

The CHCC has been developed to investigate five initial cancers in dogs, which also affect people. The first five cancers we'll be researching are:
Osteo sarcoma
Malignant histiocytosis
Melanoma (oral and digital)

In order to move forward, we need your help. The Institute will be studying only naturally occurring tumors, so we need the assistance of owners with dogs who develop any of the above types of cancer. We are requesting fresh (NOT in formalin) tumor samples when the dog has surgery, a biopsy or is euthanized. We also need 3 mls of blood in an EDTA (purple top) tube. If a tumor sample is not immediately available, (a dog who has had surgery, for example), a blood sample is still useful.

If your dog is scheduled for surgery, please contact VARI ahead of time so we can FedEx a tumor collection kit to your veterinarian. You can contact the CHCC at 616.234.5569. You may also email CHCC@vai.org Consent forms and more information for veterinarians can be accessed and downloaded from our website:
In addition, we are collecting DNA samples froma wide variety of healthy,purebred dogs, for use as controls.



Renewed Life Newsletters

Some people have been asking how often Renewed Life for Greyhounds newsletters are going out to our friends these days. Currently, we are sending out newsletters bi-annually. You can have the same newsletter e-mailed to your inbox! PLEASE sign up for the email newsletter....so more money goes to help greyhounds!

To switch to an e-mail newsletter, e-mail staff@renewedlife.org - putting "e-newsletter" in the subject line.

MSU could use YOU!

For more information on the Michigan State Veterinary Hospital's greyhound volunteer plan, click here.


Easy Fund Raising

When searching the internet, you can now help raise funds for RLfG. Simply use one of the search engines listed below, type in “renewed life for greyhounds” as the charity and begin searching. This is an incredibly easy way to help raise funds and show your support for greyhounds!


Also, you can use our page as a launching point when ordering through Amazon.com. We can get a percentage of what you spend there! See our Fundraisers page for more details and more ways to help.


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